Kevin Patrick Mostyn Family - Person Sheet
Kevin Patrick Mostyn Family - Person Sheet
NameChildebert II King Of The Franks, 41G Grandfather
1Faileuba, 41G Grandmother
ChildrenTheudebert II (-612)
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From the middle of the sixth century, the Austrasian nobility profited from recurrent wars between the kings of Neustria and Austrasia. At the death of Chlotar I in 561, the kingdom of Austrasia passed to his son Sigebert I while his brother Chilperic I inherited Neustria. The two brothers proceeded to make war on each other. After the notorious Fredegund, wife of Chilperic, arranged for the murder of Sigebert, his widow, the Visigoth Brunhild, ruled Austrasia in the name of her son Childebert II and then on behalf of her grandsons Theudebert and Theideric.
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