Kevin Patrick Mostyn Family
Kevin Patrick Mostyn Family
By Judith Mostyn White
Welcome to the family of my brother, Kevin Patrick Mostyn!

The ancestors of his father, Patrick Stanislaus, are mostly Irish and Welsh, but as one goes further back in time, there are many English and other European ancestors, including many historical figures.

The first people to use Mostyn as a last name were Thomas and Piers Mostyn, sons of Richard ap Hywel and Katherine Salusbury of Wales. They began to use the name about 1539. Thomas Mostyn had 19 children; Piers Mostyn had 13. Both of them had sons with the same names who went to Ireland. Kevin’s branch of the Mostyn family came from Wales and settled in Ireland. So far, I have not been able to figure out whether his branch descended from Thomas or Piers Mostyn. However, he definitely descended from their parents, Richard ap Hywel and Katherine Salusbury, the ancestors of almost every living Mostyn!

Since I have not yet been able to figure out whether Kevin descends from Thomas or Piers Mostyn, I have arbitrarily connected his oldest know Mostyn ancestor in Ireland to the closest in time descendant of Richard ap Hywel and Katherine Salusbury who went to Ireland. I have added two generations of “uncertain Mostyns” to connect them. You might notice a few of the ancestors have an * after the first name. These are people who may or may not be Kevin’s ancestors, depending on whether my arbitrarily chosen ascent to Richard ap Hywel and Katherine Salusbury is correct.

Please keep in mind that the further back in time one goes, the more likely the sources are based on oral history.

The ancestors of our mother, Marion Jacobs, are Dutch, American, Polish, German and Russian.

When you click on the Home button, below, it will take you to a “family card.” A family card shows the person of interest and spouse in the center, with parents above and children below. To navigate from any family card, you click on the name of a parent or child. If you click on the name of the person instead of a parent or chid, it will take you to a “person sheet” where details are given, such as census records, newspaper articles, family memories, historical background, etc. So far, ONLY Kevin’s ancestors have person sheets, and not every ancestor has one.

To return to the “family card” (which contains the basic information about the person) from the “person sheet,” just click on the word “Family” at the top of the “person sheet.”

This database was created to memorialize the family, to share the results of my family history research, and to make it easy for unknown cousins to connect up with the family.

Although I have been researching the family since 1990, my research is far from complete, so changes will be made from time to time. If you think you are related, or if you notice any mistakes or omissions, please contact me.

Thank you to all the people who have shared information on their branch of the family tree.