Edward White V Family - Person Sheet
Edward White V Family - Person Sheet
NameAdrienne CUVELIER
Birthabt 1589, Valencienne, Hainaut, Belgium
Death1655, New Amsterdam Now New York City
FatherJean CUVELIER (~1565-~1599)
MotherJeanne (~1568-~1592)
Marriage1608, St Vaast, La Haute, Valenciennes, France
ChildrenChristina (~1610-1663)
 Maria (1610-1671)
 Abraham (Twin) (1619-)
 Sara (Twin) (1619-)
 Rachel (1618-)
Marriage30 Apr 1632, New Amsterdam Now New York City
Web Notes notes for Adrienne CUVELIER
Adrienne’s husband died prior to 30 Apr 1632 (although Van Laer is of the opinion that the year 1632 is probably wrong and should be 1635 or later) in New York, USA. On that date, she made a deposition, as she was about to marry Jan Jansen Damen, a wealthy citizen of New Amsterdam. In that deposition, she describes her daughter Christina as a married person.
Ariantje married Jan Jansen Damen on May 7, 1638. Damen, sometimes referred to as "Old Jan," was a warden of the Dutch Reformed Church and also had a sizable tract of land west of the Vigne's.
Upon moving into the Vigne household, Damen found he had married into an extended family. Christine and Dirck were living there with their two young daughters. Maria's husband Jan Roos died in 1632, and she had married Abraham Ver Planck in 1634. By mid-1638 they had 3 or 4 children. Altogether the household consisted of six adults and 7 or 8 children, and possibly a few slaves. On June 21, 1638, Damen sued to have Abraham Ver Planck and Dirck Volckertszen "quit his house and leave him the master thereof." Dirck countered with a charge of assault and had witnesses testify that Jan tried to "throw his step-daughter Christine, Dirck's wife, out of doors."
Adrienne Cuvelier died in 1655. Most of her property was divided among the Vigne children and their families. On March 8, 1658, Dirck and his sister-in-law Maria Ver Planck were sued by Claes Van Elstandt, elder of the Dutch Reformed Church, for not paying for her grave. They said they had given the money to Van Tienhoven, who had disappeared 16 months earlier. All of the remaining heirs were then ordered to pay for her grave.
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